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£30-50 saving on the ‘Classic Superbike Experience’ with Renaissance Racing

£30-50 saving on the ‘Classic Superbike Experience’ with Renaissance Racing

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The Classic Superbike Experience, a chance to live the golden era of superbike racing - ride icons such as the YZF 750 and Ducati 996 on legendary British racing circuits.

Rip around some of the finest tracks in the UK on the most iconic superbikes of a generation during a Renaissance Racing track day experience. Relive historic motorsport moments with the ethereal smell of burnt fuel and the unmistakable howl of a 750cc four and thunder of v-twin 1000 engines!

Classic Superbike Experience days are the perfect way to relive the epic battles between some of the greatest icons of motorsport, as full factory teams competed for the British Superbike championship. Memories of Walker and Hodgson, Mackenzie and Whitham, Crescent Suzuki, GSE Ducati, Boost Yamaha, Honda Britain and Hawk Kawasaki will come flooding back.

During the day you’ll ride 3 different bikes, maybe your poster bike, the one that got away or even the one you were not allowed…

The Renaissance Racing stable is made up of;

  • Suzuki GSXR SRAD 750

  • Ducati 996

  • Yamaha YZF750

  • Honda SP1, and the

  • Kawasaki ZX-7R.

Renaissance Racing will be supporting our Bennetts track days in 2024.  Why not book the Classic Superbike Experience at one of our events?

 Let our professional photographer capture you in all your glory as Walker, Hodgson, Dunlop…


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