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Save 15% on R&G Workshop Paddock Stands

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Elevate your bike maintenance game

Discover the Workshop Paddock Stand that redefines durability and functionality, setting the standard for motorcycle enthusiasts and mechanics alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this is a must-have addition to your workshop or garage.

R&G Workshop Paddock Stand exudes strength and reliability, built to withstand the toughest challenges of motorcycle maintenance. Its sturdy design is capable of withstanding up to 200kg (the average bike needs 100kg) this ensures a rock-solid foundation for your bike - giving you peace of mind when your wheel is off the ground.

Engineered for longevity and resilience, the Workshop Paddock Stand features high-quality, powder-coated tubing that will look outstanding for years to come thanks to its textured finish. Say goodbye to corrosion, and hello to performance that endures.

With generously sized wheels for maximum manoeuvrability and extended handles for increased leverage, getting your bike up in the workshop has never been easier. Effortlessly glide your motorcycle into the perfect position, saving time and effort.

R&G Workshop Paddock Stand proudly showcases the R&G Elevation branding, a symbol of quality and precision. The logo sticker is die-cut and tastefully placed in a low-friction area, so there’s no smudging or grip loss.

The R&G Workshop Paddock Stand combines style, strength, and functionality. Get ready to tackle your projects with confidence and elevate your bike maintenance game today!

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