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FREE Online Coaching Session with every ‘Trackside Coaching Day’ booked in 2024

Road Race Rider Coaching offers an exclusive, data driven, bespoke, one-to-one rider coaching service suitable for all ability levels. Trackday Novice? Seasoned Racer? RRRC has you covered.

Road Race Rider Coaching is the UK’s first ‘data driven’ trackside coaching service. By utilising onboard data logging and camera equipment, rider coach Jordan Malton can accurately record a riders every move and review it using the latest in sophisticated telemetry software.

Bennetts & BikeSocial members get exclusive access to a FREE, one-to-one, 90 minute online coaching session with every trackside coaching day booked in 2024! Back in 2023, our very own Michael Mann headed to Oulton Park to meet Jordan and find out if you really could teach an old dog new tricks?! Find out how he got on in the video below...

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