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Save 15% on Moto Trainer Race package

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Moto Trainer is a unique way to train like a pro!

Moto Trainer is the new and revolutionising way of training. You will use all the features of the bike like throttle, brake and gears to immerse yourself in a unique experience without exposing yourself to any risks. You can use any track worldwide to prepare for your next track day or to work on your riding skills. You will watch your telemetry after each lap to see where you can improve and you will receive top tips from a professional rider during your experience.

Moto Trainer is used by casual road riders to improve their riding style, throttle control, body position and professional riders to improve body fitness, injury recovery, track awareness and much more.

Groups of friends can also enjoy a fun simulation of track riding with lap time scores, trophies and drinks in a fun friendly experience room. No riding skills or motorcycle license is required.  For more information click here.

A Moto Trainer race experience costs £195, you can save £30 when taking advantage of this offer.

Simply log in and click the 'Redeem now' button below to reveal the discount code and book your place.


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