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Save 10% on Spark Championship winning exhausts

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Save on Championship winning exhausts, developed to guarantee improved performance and acoustics. Exclusive offer to BikeSocial members.

Spark Exhausts specialize in high performance exhaust systems (40 years’ experience). The best of the best: historic supplier of prestigious companies BMW, Aprilia, Mercedes, Lamborghini and Porsche. All exhausts are tested against OE and aftermarket competitors to ensure the best performance.

Each Spark project starts with the development of drawings and the creation of prototypes undergoing many tests. Then, Spark produces in-house all molds and tooling for the production of every single component of the exhaust, so as to assure constant control and high quality standard to the final product.

Then, to the Dyno! Spark tests their exhausts against the original to guarantee improved performance (and sound). In fact, the pursuit of the best sound is one of Spark’s primary missions. Of course, homologated options are approved for road use.

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