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Save 15% on Zard Italian exhausts

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Fine, handmade, Italian exhaust systems

Based in Daventry, Performance Parts Ltd offers the highest quality exhausts, brake parts, crash protection, custom accessories, levers, lighting, suspension, air filters, clothing and more, from the world’s very best manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a sportsbike, adventure bike, tourer, commuter or scooter, use your exclusive discount to get the very best for your motorcycle with the easy-to-use bike selector tool here.

Zard Exhausts originate from a story of authentic passion, racing soul and a continuous desire to dream and have become renowned for their visually stunning exhaust solutions for motorcycles.

Based in Italy they develop innovative motorcycle exhausts characterized by unique design. The R&D department, led by Valter Amista, works in total synergy with the entire technical team to reach a cutting edge and constantly evolving product. With each exhaust being developed on the bike, craftmanship and technology are the main features that distinguish the Zard exhausts. Production is supported by the use of the latest generation software, reverse engineering instruments, 2D and 3D laser robots, bending machines, rolling presses and a dynamometer.

Every single step from concept and design to production including welding and assembly of semi-finished works, is handmade using high quality raw material. The result is a total “made in Italy” product that captures the nation's creative style and flair.

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