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Save 10% on all SHAD luggage and accessories

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For 25 years, SHAD has been manufacturing industry leading motorcycle luggage, comfort seats and mounting kits

With over 600 makes and models of motorbikes currently supported, there’s a solution for most machines available with SHAD Award Winning Cases:

  • SH58x Expandable Top Box – Morphing between 46 and 58 litres, the SH58x is a slimline top case but also a load-lugging solution.

  • SH36 Panniers – Utilising the unique and award winning 3P fitting rails, the SHAD SH36 panniers can take a full-size helmet and provide 72 litres of space between them. 

Looking for modern retro? SHAD has it covered with the SR range of Café Racer-styled tan leather luggage. 

Enjoy 10% off ANY of the SHAD range of products with this offer! 

To browse the full range of SHAD luggage and accessories click here.

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