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Save 20% on portable motorcycle security

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BikeTrac is one of the UK's leading tracking companies

Bike Trac has introduced a range of hard security products as it celebrates ten years of protecting bikes

Packed in a tough, waterproof bag that straps easily to the tail of most bikes, the BikeTrac Grab Bag and Chain includes a 1.2m or 1.4m bolt-cutter-resistant 10mm chain, along with a superb Abus Granit Power XS67 lock that doubles as a disc lock in its own right

You also get a reminder tag and gloves in a package that represents one of the most convenient and versatile lock sets available

The best lock is the one you always have with you, and in Bennetts BikeSocial’s destruction testing we were thoroughly impressed at this kit’s resistance to attack for such an easy to carry design

Bennetts Rewards members can save an incredible 20% off this already exceptionally-priced package, so make sure you snap up your offer now, and get your bike protected

To find out more about the Bike Trac Grab Bag & Chain click here


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