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Get 20% off all RaceBox products with Road Race Rider Coaching

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Leave the guess work in 2023, become a better rider using data and telemetry!

Data driven rider coaching service ‘Road Race Rider Coaching’ has teamed up with GPS Module manufacturer and developer ‘RaceBox’ to exclusively offer BikeSocial members 20% off all RaceBox Products.

RaceBox is the chosen datalogger used by motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Models such as their ‘Mini S’ are able to record a riders speed, acceleration, lean angle, braking, lap times, splits and more! This data can then be downloaded quickly and wirelessly to review in the RaceBox App. With 25Hz GPS tracking, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, 20 hour battery life, high precision gyroscope and accelerometer upto 8G, RaceBox modules are at the forefront in state of the art GPS Datalogging technology.

Leave the guess work in 2023, transform your riding with accurate, definitive data showing you exactly where you can improve. The data doesn’t lie! Claim your exclusive code and head to the RaceBox online store now.

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