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Save 10% on Bonamici Racing

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Save 10% on Bonamici Racing: Rearsets, engine protection, brake & clutch Levers, chain adjusters, fuel & oil filler caps, oil tanks, top yokes, handlebars

Bonamici uses the best technologies to produce racing accessories with maximum care. A consistent quality-oriented investment (by use of CNC machines and the best titanium, aluminium and steel alloys) ensures these high quality accessories achieve the very best performance during races. 

Every single detail is the result of an accurate engineering design process. Each component weighs not one gram more than necessary. The beauty of this lightness became tangible through design, with perspective and lines drawn to push over performance. 

Bonamici appreciates the beauty of Italian culture, which transmits into all Bonamici products. Production in Italy incorporates the respect of Italian tradition.


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