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Save 10% on IMA Special Parts - Thumbrakes, Triple Clamps, Clip-Ons

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Save 10% on IMA Special Parts at Reactive Parts

The Thumb Brake introduced a new bike riding style that offers great advantages, first of all a better braking feeling, given by the thumb. Recently this riding style became a popular trend for track enthusiasts, in fact, once learned the correct handling of the lever, the TBS lets you control the bike even while cornering and manage the bike power once out of the curve.

The strength of TBS is in the flexibility of its structure that allows multiple setting and adjusting possibilities to optimize the space exploitation on the bike (the evaluation of the spaces available on the bike for mounting the TBS has to be done by the customer before purchasing). Thanks to the 4 setups offered (Base, Elite, Racing, Complete) this product can be applied both on the bar tube and the fork, and also allows to reuse the OEM rear master cylinder, avoiding additional costs.

The superb anodized triple clamps from IMA are for modern Superbikes and are CNC-machined from billet of 7075 ERGAL aluminium. Developed from recent studies about the structural dynamics of current motorcycles, these triple clamps provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade the bike’s chassis.  Used globally in the top racing championships, we always bring you the best parts for your bike as used by the top riders!


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