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The best chain lube: 55 tested

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BikeSocial reviewed 55 chain lubes – including gear oil, chainsaw oil and more – to find out which YOU should use.


After finding out what BikeSocial community members use to lube their chains, BikeSocial has tested 55 different products for fling, stickiness, ease of cleaning, corrosion protection and appearance, as well as for wear protection and extreme pressure protection.

This is the biggest test of its kind ever carried out, covering months of work and the service of one of the world’s leading independent lubrication testing labs.

You can watch the video below, and to download hi-res versions of the graphs, click here.



Chain lubes on review:

  • No lubricant

  • 80W90 Gear oil EP

  • BPC Cog Lube

  • Bulldog BDX

  • Castrol racing chain lube

  • GS27 Dry lube

  • GT85

  • iPone Careline Xtreme chain lube

  • Liqui Moly Chain Lube White

  • Maxima Chain Wax

  • Morris workshop Pro Chain Lubricant

  • Motorex Chain Lube Adventure

  • Motorex Racing Chain Lube

  • Motorex Road Strong

  • Motul C2 chain lube road

  • Motul C4 Chain Lube factory line

  • Motul C5 Chain Paste

  • Muc Off all weather chain lube

  • Muc Off wet weather chain lube

  • Muc-Off dry weather chain lube

  • Oregon Chainsaw oil

  • PJ1 Blue

  • Pro-GreenMX PTFE Chain Lube

  • Profi dry lube

  • Putoline Dry Tech

  • Putoline DX11

  • Putoline Tech Chain

  • R&G Dry Chain lube

  • R&G Everyday chain lube

  • R&G Wet chain lube

  • Renthal chain lube

  • Rock Oil chain lube

  • S100 Dry Lube chain spray

  • S100 white chain spray 2.0

  • Scottoil

  • Silicone spray

  • Silkolene Pro Chain

  • Silkolene Titanium dry lube

  • Silkoline chain Lube

  • Silverhook chain wax/lube

  • SportsbikeShop chain lube

  • Tech-Cote TC 100 Chain lube (waxy)

  • Tech-Cote TC 110 Chain lube (oily)

  • Tru-Tension Banaslip Chain Lube

  • Tru-Tension Banaslip Chain Wax

  • Valvoline Durablend 20W50 semi-synthetic motorcycle engine oil

  • Valvoline white synthetic chain lube

  • WD40 Chain lube

  • WD40 Chain Wax

  • White grease (as in spray can)

  • Wurth chain wax

  • Wurth high performance dry lube

  • Wynns clear lube

  • XCP Chain Lubricant

  • Yamalube chain spray

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