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Tyres rewards



Can you fit motorcycle tyres yourself? Yes, probably. In the same way that you can rebuild an engine or change fork seals yourself. You’ll need a workshop, a bead breaker, tyre balancing equipment, balance weights, a compressor plus the tools and skills to remove and refit wheels. Oh, and don’t forget the ABS sensors and tyre-pressure monitoring systems. And a note from your mum because you’ll be needing at least a day off school and some time for your knuckles to recover. Getting your rubber fitted by experienced tyre fitters who’ve seen hundreds of different motorcycles, know the quirks of refitting a Moto Guzzi cush drive and can make it look so easy that you’d even consider doing it yourself is almost certainly a better idea. And with BikeSocial membership, it has never been cheaper. Get more from motorcycling with BikeSocial.