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Save 10% on BikeSocial T-Shirts!

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Exclusive 10% discount on all Uggly & Co. clothing for BikeSocial members

We have teamed up with Uggly & Co. to offer BikeSocial members a fantastic 10% discount across their whole range of clothing – including their new BikeSocial T-Shirts! And as this discount is exclusive to BikeSocial members, you won’t find it anywhere else!

As you would imagine from their name, Uggly & Co. aren’t your average clothing manufacturer! This fresh and exciting brand have made it their mission to share their mindset and lifestyle of being confident, free and just enjoying life to as many people as possible. They do this through not only some very cool kit, but also sponsorship and support for similar individual-minded adrenaline junkies – from bike racers to musicians, they are all part of the thrill-seeking Uggly Bunch! And now so are BikeSocial members.

Uggly and Co. have designed two cool BikeSocial T-Shirts that are available in two different colours each. They sit perfectly in the rest of Uggly & Co.’s range of clothing, which consists of T-Shirts, hoodies, sweaters, joggers, shorts and women’s fit vests or T-Shirts.

Take advantage of our exclusive 10% discount on all Uggly & Co. clothing by simply clicking on the button below to reveal the unique discount code.

When you come to the checkout page, enter the code in the Voucher Code section to activate the extra saving. And if you spend over £50 you get free UK shipping.

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