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save up to 20%
Save up to 20% on Trott Motorcycle Valeting and Detailing

Save up to 20% on Trott Motorcycle Valeting and Detailing

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Love your bike? Why not treat it to the Trott "Full Monty" or the "Full Works" valet

Save 10% on a Trott “Full Monty” valet or save 20% per hour on a Trott “Full Works” valet. 

Save 10% on a Trott “Full Monty” valet, which can generally be completed within 1.5-2 hours. That’s a complete valet getting your pride and joy looking like it just rollout out of the showroom. Not only will it be looking mint again, but it will also include a good coating of ACF50 winter protection. 

The “Full Monty” package includes the following:

Pressure wash, degreasing, road grime removal, wheels and brakes detailed cleaning, vinyl and plastic refinished, running gear weather protected, chain re-lubed, all body work hand polished, under seat clean and dressed, brake and clutch lever re-lubed, side and centre stand repainted, tyre pressure check, oil level check, detailed exhaust downpipe clean and polish, detailed safety check and report. 

Alternatively, save 20% per hour on a Trott “Full Works” valet, priced between £200-£300 for all Bennetts Rewards customers.

The “Full Works” package includes all the services of the “Full Monty” as well as pick up and delivery. Your bike will usually be picked up on a Friday, taken to Trott’s valeting studio in Dorset and returned on a Tuesday. This is the best option as the valet will be completed in a heated studio with a ramp, with anywhere between 4-6 hours dedicated to valeting your motorcycle. The “Full Works” also includes paint correction on all bodywork, headlights, windscreen, etc. Once paintwork has been corrected it would be prepped and coated with the Ultimaxx Signature Pro 5-year ceramic and the Ultimaxx Slixx 1 year ceramic on wheels. 

Trott Motorcycle Valeting now offer the full range of Ultimaxx Ceramic Paint Protection, from the NanoMaxx Yearly protection to the Ultimate Signature Pro Reservice for that 5-year protection. The 5-year Signature Pro Ceramix can be added to the “Full Monty” vale for only £50, that’s half price!

Check out an example of the Trott Motorcycle "Full Monty” valet in the video below.

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