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Save 15% on Shido lightweight batteries with Performance Parts

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Performance Parts is the leading supplier of some of the very best motorcycle accessories

Based in Daventry, Performance Parts Ltd offers the highest quality exhausts, brake parts, crash protection, custom accessories, levers, lighting, suspension, air filters, clothing and more, from the world’s very best manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a sportsbike, adventure bike, tourer, commuter or scooter, use your exclusive discount to get the very best for your motorcycle with the easy-to-use bike selector tool here.

As a technology already embraced in the mobile phone, computer and power tool industry, lithium cells are slowly beginning to replace traditional lead-acid batteries for high performance automotive applications.

Including a massive weight saving, lithium-ion offers many benefits over lead-acid or gel batteries.

  • Ultra Light – 80% Weight saving, can save up to 5 Kg depending on application.

  • Direct replacement - Simply remove your old battery and replace it with Shido.

  • Terminals are the same shape and position as OEM.

  • Quick charge - Will charge up to 75% in just 6 minutes.

  • Cranking capacity can be up to 50% more than Lead-Acid batteries.

  • Longer Service Life – 2000 charge cycles (10+ Years) with a 3 year warranty.

  • Mount in any orientation – No fluids, so will mount sideways or even upside down on specials.

  • No explosion risk: no gasses are produced during charge or discharge.

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