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Save 10% on a Pegase Moto GPS tracker

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Exclusive 10% discount on a Pegase Moto GPS tracker for BikeSocial members.

We have teamed up with Pegase to offer BikeSocial members a fantastic 10% discount on their Moto GPS tracker. So you can help keep your bike safe and secure while also saving money thanks to BikeSocial.

The Pegase Moto GPS tracker is made in Europe and is a subscription-free tracker unit that is incredibly quick and easy to install. Just 8x4cm big, which is approximately the size of a credit card, the Moto GPS tracker comes with a quick connection cable to link to your bike’s battery and is easily hidden away under its seat. Once automatically activated by the bike being moved, the tracker ultra-precisely displays your bike’s location in real-time with up to four positions per second and also emails, phones and notifies you via the free app that it has been moved. And that’s not all, as well as offering extra security, once you have downloaded the app you can record your own rides, including your speed and lean angle at any point! Should you then wish to share your route with your friends, you can simply send them the route or save it in your road book for later via the app.

Usually costing £269 plus shipping, you can take advantage of our exclusive 10% discount on the Pegase Moto GPS tracker by simply clicking on the button below to reveal the unique discount code. Then, when you come to the checkout page, enter the code in the Coupon Code section to activate the extra saving. Keep your bike safe and sound with a Pegase Moto GPS tracker.

Simply log in and click the redeem button below to reveal your exclusive discount code.

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