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Save 5% on Loaded Bikes’ Bike Racks, L-Tracks and fixings

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Exclusive 5% discount on Loaded Bikes' Bike Racks, L-Tracks and fixings for BikeSocial members.

Transporting a bike can be a risky process unless you use the right equipment. All it takes is a poorly placed strap or unsecure fastening to result in a very costly bill as your pride and joy works itself loose from its fixings and starts to move around. But more and more of us are choosing to van bikes to a location, be that a trackday, motocross meeting, foreign location or even a local mechanic to get some work done. So how do you ensure your bike is as held securely as possible during transport? How about using one of Loaded Bikes’ products.

Loaded Bikes are a UK-based business that have made a name for themselves building innovative components and transport systems for motorcycles and bicycles, allowing countless riders to get their vehicle to a chosen location safely and securely. Loaded Bikes’ products are both designed and made in the UK and you can tell this has all been done by people who really understand, and more importantly use, the systems they have developed.

With a huge range of products that includes both fixed and removable stands, complete rail systems and all the necessary fixings, Loaded Bikes is a one-stop shop should you need to kit out your van for transporting bikes. So whether you are off for a trackday or travelling with your bike on an adventure, you can be sure it will be held safe and sound. And thanks to BikeSocial, members can claim a 5% discount on Loaded Bikes’ Bike Racks, L-Tracks and fixings using our exclusive discount code.

When you work out how much a buying a new fairing or getting it repaired and repainted costs, buying a top-quality system to secure your bike within a van is a bit of a no-brainer...

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