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Save 8% on screenwash and de-icer at Halfords

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We've teamed up with Halfords, the UK's leading automotive retailer, to bring you a fantastic 8% saving in-store

This fantastic offer brings you savings on hundreds of products throughout their UK store network, including motorcycle helmets, security, parts and accessories as well anything you may need to enhance your 4 wheel vehicle too.

Keeping our windscreens clean is an easy job, just push a button and the car takes care of the rest - but only if you’ve remembered to refill your screen wash tank! A decent quality screen wash may not be the most exciting purchase, but it’s crucial to maintaining perfect vision. For every journey, Halfords has got you covered.

Halfords range of screen washes are recognised as the best in the market. They’ve got pre-mixed screenwash ready to use and concentrated cleaners that you’ll need to mix yourself. Halfords even offer a range of fresh fragrances too, including berry and citrus. You can also find ranges from Autoglym and rain repellents from Rain-X.

When winter strikes, you’ll need a good de-icer in your glove compartment or boot. Cheap and cheerful, they’ll cut through ice and even light snow in seconds. At less than the cost of a cup of coffee, they’re essential in our changeable climate.

Halfords is there to assist you with your life on the move.

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