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Moto Junkies, run by globe-trotting adventure rider Steph Jeavons, brings you the best of Wales and beyond on two-wheels. Bring your own bike, or hire one of our brand new fleet of Honda CRF300Ls

Moto Junkies invites you to join the adventure, offering the best of Wales and beyond on two-wheels. Set up by the globe-trotting record breaker, Steph Jeavons and her riding buddy Tony ‘the Welsh legend’ Williams, Moto Junkies offers training and trail riding events set in the beautiful Snowdonia Mountain range.

They also offer weekends for both road and trail bikes at some stunning locations across Wales with exclusive access to some of the best forestry’s the country has to offer. Bring your own bike or use one of our brand new Honda CRF300Ls.

Whether you love mud, or prefer to stick to the hard stuff, Moto Junkies has an event for you.

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