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For the most thrilling rides you've ever had, get motorcycle-specific navigation tools that bring the excitement you want with the awareness you need, with Garmin's zūmo range.

Garmin’s zūmo range motorcycle navigators are tough enough for the road and full of features that make it easy for you to get on your bike, pick a winding route and just ride.

Garmin make products that are engineered to inspire and challenge you to help you find more ways to stay active. Keep track of your lifestyle and fitness goals wherever you are with built in GPS, smart notifications and wrist-based heart rate sensors. Sync your device to Garmin Connect for challenges, progress trackers and goal badges.

Garmin zūmo XT
Product price: £369.99
Bennetts member price: £277.49

Garmin zūmo 396LMT-s
Product price: £309.99
Bennetts member price: £232.49

Garmin zūmo 346LMT-s
Product price: £299.99
Bennetts member price: £224.99

Instinct 2 - GPS smartwatches
Product price: from £249.99
Bennetts member price: from £224.99

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