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Save 15% on custom made hearing protection from Ultimate Ear

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We've teamed up with Ultimate to bring you an exclusive discount on their market leading hearing protection range

Established in 2001, Ultimate are the leading supplier of custom-made earplugs and in-ear monitors for motorcyclists in the UK, used by the likes of Ben Currie and the Mackenzie brothers in British Superbike Circles, as well as Formula 1 star Kimi Raikkonen to name a few.

Whether you are after filtered plugs to allow you to block out wind noise but still hear you intercom, or crystal clear audio from your I-Phone or Satnav, Ultimate possess the perfect solution for you.

All of their products are manufactured using the softest silicone on the market and have been designed to possess a slim profile, ensuring maximum comfort under a crash helmet. Ultimate’s motorcyclist earplugs have been independent tested to CE.

EN-352 new 2019 standards, so you can rest assured they are sufficiently protecting your hearing whilst riding.

Get in touch with Ultimate Ear today and they will arrange an appointment at one of their 1200 audiologist partners across the UK for an impression of your ear.

Browse the Ultimate Ear motorcycling range.


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