Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you ?

For any queries you can use Webchat and one of our agents will be on hand to help you. Alternatively, email  and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Bennetts Rewards?

Our unique Bennetts Rewards programme is exclusive and free for all our customers who buy directly from Bennetts and members with an annual subscription. 


It’s just for you and provides exclusive offers and discounts on biking kit, access to the best motorcycling events,  biking help and advice from the experts, rider training and track days at some of the UK's top circuits at discounted rates, a bespoke bike checking and selling service,  motorcycling holidays, and deals on new and used bikes, all in one place.


Plus, we are always adding more exciting rewards, so make the most of your policy and don't miss out on the great benefits of Bennetts Rewards.

How do I register for Bennetts Rewards?

Bennetts Rewards is open to all customers who bought a motorbike insurance policy directly with Bennetts.


If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s really quick and simple:

1. Visit the registration page

2. Enter the email address you used when you purchased your insurance policy and an activation link will be sent directly to your email.

3. Follow the steps from your activation email to complete your registration.

If you're not a Bennetts customer you can still get all the benefits of Bennetts Rewards by becoming a member with an annual subscription. 


Join today by visiting and start getting rewarded today.

I bought my policy through a comparison site, can I become a member of Bennetts Rewards?

If you purchased your motorbike insurance policy through a comparison site after 28th October 2020, access to Bennetts Rewards is no longer free with your insurance policy. You can still access all the offers, discounts, competitions and content of Bennetts Rewards by becoming a member with an annual subscription. Please visit for all the information of how you can become a member today. 

If you renew your bike insurance policy with Bennetts then you will get free access to Bennetts Rewards, and won’t need to renew your annual subscription.

Why can’t I access Bennetts Rewards?

Bennetts Rewards is only for direct Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance customers and Bennetts Rewards members, so you will need an insurance policy or annual subscription to it.


If you do have a policy with us but can’t register or access Bennetts Rewards and/or MyAccount, then please use Webchat to speak to one of our agents.

To become a Bennetts Rewards member with an annual subscription, please visit to find out how to join and start getting rewarded.

Help! I can't remember my password!

Simply follow the steps on the Login page.

You should receive an email to your registered address to start the process.

Will I be contacted if I win a competition

Yes, we always contact the winner(s) of any competition or prize draw from Bennetts Rewards. The timing and contact method will be stated in the Terms and Conditions of that competition.

How often is Bennetts Rewards updated?

New Rewards and competitions are added several times a month.  If you receive our email updates these will inform you of highlights including what’s new. It’s always worth checking the site regularly as well so you don’t miss out.

How can I stay up to date with Bennetts Rewards?

The best way to get the latest updates on Bennetts Rewards is to opt-in to receive Rewards emails – we send a weekly newsletter with the latest Rewards, as well as monthly highlights and special offers so you’re always up to date.

If you want to receive these emails, then you can contact with your policy number, letting us that you would like to be opted-in.

What do the Terms and Conditions apply to ?

Each offer also has its own Terms and Conditions which will be displayed on the Bennetts Rewards website at the time of redemption. Each partner will also have their own Terms and Conditions which govern the goods and service that you are purchasing, and you should make sure that you have read these prior to making a purchase or entering a competition.

What happens if I have an issue with something I have selected or purchased within Rewards?

We work with a great range of partners to provide the products and services we have for you in Rewards. If you do have any issues with any of the products or services you’ve selected please speak with the provider directly – contact us on webchat or if you need the contact details for them.

What happens to my Bennetts Rewards account when I renew my insurance with Bennetts ?

You’ll continue to access Bennetts Rewards through MyAccount, just as you did before.

What happens if I leave Bennetts insurance?

When your policy ends, you will no longer be able to access Bennetts Rewards. However, you can still get all the benefits of Bennetts Rewards even if you are no longer a Bennetts insurance customer by becoming a member with an annual subscription. Please visit to find out how to join and start getting rewarded.


Are there any restrictions to enter the promotion?

Some offers may have age, licence, and other restrictions. We will include the main restrictions on Bennetts Rewards website where possible in the Terms and Conditions, but please check with the individual provider before booking or making any purchases.

Is the site safe and secure ?

Bennetts and its partners are aware of the many threats to personal data security. It is our goal to ensure that when a customer submits information it reaches its destination safely, protected and unchanged. Please note that Bennetts Rewards will NEVER request personal information such as your Date of Birth or Bank Details. If you receive any communication requesting personal details claiming to be from Bennetts Rewards, please notify us immediately using the details on the 'Contact Us' link at the foot of this page

Is there a limit to the number of Rewards I can claim ?

We do not restrict the number of rewards you can access but there may be a purchase limit for individual rewards from the provider.

These will be listed in the Terms and Conditions when you claim.

Can I find out how long a Reward will be active ?

Rewards are regularly changing as old offers expire and new offers become available. Where possible the expiry date will be listed on the individual reward although Bennetts and our partners retain the right to remove, amend or alter the rewards at any time.

Is there a cash alternative to the Rewards ?

No, these rewards are our way of saying thank you for insuring with Bennetts and there is no cash alternative.

How long can I remain a member of Bennetts Rewards?

If you are a Bennetts motorbike insurance customer and you purchased your policy directly with us, your membership to Bennetts Rewards is linked to your insurance policy. You will remain a member for as long and you remain insured with us.


If you are a Bennetts Rewards member with an annual subscription, your membership to Bennetts Rewards will be active for 1 year from the date you purchased your membership.